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Beauty Is for Suckers

Beauty Is for Suckers - M.A. Carson I was pretty much finished with vampire stories when this book came along. I loved the blurb and sample, and the innuendo in the title, so I bought the epub right away and pushed it to the top of my To Be Read list.

Iris Greene, new fangled vampire, has allowed herself to be bitten in order to become attractive, but for some reason the bite by the Elbow Biter doesn't work. Well, it does, in a sense, because she needs copious amounts of SPF 165 sunblock and she's allergic to Bibles, crosses, garlic and Holy Water, but her appearance is still the same. And while her looks never got her noticed when she was alive, now the vampires she meets don't even realize the dumpy girl in front of them is a vampire unless she shows them her fangs.

With an ensemble of a teenage slayer, a vain therapist and his socialite wife, as well as a score of attractive and decidedly unattractive vampires, Iris finds herself looking for a way to fit into her new world while she tries to find the vampire who bit her in order to force him to transform her to what she wants to be.

This incredibly funny vampire tale was well-written, with engaging characters and ludicrous situations that were nevertheless so viscerally described that they were ultimately believable. Recommended for fans of fangtastic humour.

4 out of 5 stars.