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Asterix Op Corsica (Asterix-Dargaud, #20)

Asterix Op Corsica (Asterix-Dargaud, #20) - René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo This is probably my favourite Asterix. I loved the small jokes, but also the mentioned 'death stare' and the whole Corsican clan disputes that go back for centuries.

One of the greatest scenes, in my opinion, is where the clan chiefs gather for a meeting in the 'maquis'. Each clan chief imitates the sound of a wild boar to announce himself. When they are all present, Obelix confused the sound of a real wild boar with the call of a clan chief. One of the clan chiefs is insulted and pulls the death stare on Obelix and says, "That's not a chief, that's a wild boar. Don't you know the difference?"
Obelix says, "I don't know, I've never eaten clan chiefs, and you could you please stop staring at me like that?"

Also, one of the Corsicans flicks open a knife and cuts into a donkey sausage and says, "Ah, you can almost hear (the sausage) bray".

Absolutely brilliant writing.