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Les Innomables, tome 1 : Shukumeï

Les Innomables, tome 1 : Shukumeï - Didier Conrad, Yann I read both Shukumei and [b:Les Innomables, tome 2 : Aventure en jaune|2842179|Les Innomables, tome 2 Aventure en jaune|Conrad|/assets/nocover/60x80.png|2868292] in Dutch when they appeared in the Dutch version of Spirou, the French comics magazine.

Although these books have been redrawn from the originals, both Shukumei and Aventure en Jaune are, in my opinion, the best books, apart from Numero Triple Zero, which introduced the three dauntless anti-heroes Mac, Tim and Tony.

In Shukumei they're sent into the jungle where they have to find a B-52, while accompanied by a straight-laced army career officer and his pretty secretary. They find the B-52 and the crew, who have built themselves a home in the jungle surrounded by cannibals and former Japanese soldiers who don't realize the war is over...

In Aventure en Jaune, Mac, Tim, and Tony have left the army and have become smugglers in Hong Kong, where they are in the middle of wealthy British colonials and Chinese who want to take back Hong Kong.

Smart and irreverent with great drawings, this is a series that's not to be missed.