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Jet - Russell Blake I had expected more from Blake. In comparison to the excellent Assassin books, the Jet series lacks suspense and the whole book felt formulaic. While the beginning had some action, the flashbacks and blocks of narrative exposition placed in a drawn-out dialogue between minor characters dragged down the pace. Compared to Blake's assassin series, Jet seems rushed and amateurish. I was also irked by the 'necessity' of giving the main character an abusive past to serve as a justification for a woman to become a black-op Mossad agent. Abused people who are filled with rage, as Jet seems to be, don't make the best black-ops agents. Another thing that bothered me is the frequent description on how incredibly beautiful Jet is, in one case even referring to her as a 'cobra in a model's body' and in another 'Her bronze skin accented (accentuated) the captivating almond shape of her eyes, and even in a venue that was no stranger to beautiful women, she was a stand-out.'
The book also seemed hurriedly edited, I found mistakes like 'low-voltage bulbs' (wattage) and a large luxury yacht being referred to as a 'penis symbol' (phallic symbol) by a supposedly writer of erotic fiction.

I won't be reading the sequels. And, unlike Blake's 'Assassin' books, I don't recommend this book.