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De griezelgolf

De griezelgolf - Henk van Kerkwijk Together with Meindert Swarteziel en het bloed van de duivel is De Griezelgolf my favorite book from my youth. My father used to be an editor at the publisher Ploegsma.

Peter lives with his mother on a houseboat in an Amsterdam Canal. His mother is an inventor, who gets an assignment from the director of the Central Station railway. A plague of sparrows is hanging around the station, shitting over everything. Peter's mother invents a way to get rid of the sparrows by using a PA system to send out sparrow screams of fear and anxiety, but is cheated out of her fee by the CS director.
To take revenge, she makes a reverse invention, a radiowave that will lure the sparrows back. However, the wave works too well, reaching far beyond the borders of Holland and luring something horrifying back to Amsterdam. Something out for blood...